Information. You should never leave home without it - especially if you're going to a strange city. While Toronto isn't as dangerous for uninformed tourists as Rio de Janeiro or Rome, there are still some things you need to know. That's why Fodor's publishes a line of guide books for tourists. If you're going to be attending a conference, you might want to pick up a copy of their Citypack Toronto. Here's some more information on the publication.

Who is it meant for?

Fodor's Citypack is meant for all visitors of Toronto, but particularly for those who have never been there before and who are arriving for the purposes of a short vacation (say a week or less). Even anyone currently in Toronto who wants to visit the tourist sites will find the local Citypack helpful. If you don't anticipate touring the city during your business conference or if you're arriving to look for a house, then this is not the product for you. Tourists arriving for longer vacations should also invest in one of Fodor's more detailed and complete guidebooks rather than the Citypack.

What's in it?

Fodor's Toronto Citypack isn't a traditional paper guidebook. Rather, it's a vinyl coated map suitable for storage in a pocket and consulting on the fly while you're trying to find your way on foot, via public transit, or by rental car, to your hotel in Toronto. There are also 96 pages of information on tourist sites and attractions with concise descriptions and pertinent information such as location, hours, and admission price.

Where can I get one?

Fodor's Toronto Citypacks can be ordered online prior to your trip, or you can pick them up in any tourist shop or bookstore in the Greater Toronto Area. At a cost of only a few dollars, it's best to simply pick one up as you walk through Yorkville, Toronto rather than pre-ordering and paying shipping fees. Unless, of course, you need a copy in a language other than English or French, as only rarely will you find copies in languages other than Canada's official ones in souvenir shops.

Who is Fodor's?

Fodor's is the largest and oldest publisher of English language travel books and is owned by Random House. Many writers contribute to each of Fodor's publications, but each one has relevant travel experience. For instance, they might now live in Toronto or have spent several months touring the city in recent years. There are more than 700 permanent researchers worldwide helping to publish guides on over 300 cities Thank you, for the website support.

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