Most of us know that real estate is big business. Even today, with the crash in the market so recent, savvy investors continue to make piles of money on residential real estate and other cities across the country.

What all of these savvy investors have in common, of course, is more than the usual amount of knowledge regarding what works and what does not in real estate. Whether we are talking growing an investment in a detached home or renting out condominiums, there are some specific things any real estate investor needs to know according to real estate agents

A look at what people are making off of rental properties in big cities will have just about anyone with capital thinking about starting up a career as a landlord. But, there is a lot to this job. You have to take different parts of the jobs of salespeople, lawyers, real estate agents, bankers, financiers, managers, and even on occasion handyman in order to be successful.

Everyone starting out in this investment niche could use a good foundation on which to build their own knowledge base. One way to gain the information you need for this foundation is by reading The Canadian Landlords Guide, by Douglas Gray. Feel free to also visit

This book has been written with both new and seasoned landlords in mind. Penned by prolific writer, lawyer, landlord and entrepreneur Douglas Gray, the book could hardly be backed by a better name. Gray is a well known presenter and lecturer on the Canadian real estate scene. His many credits as an author include the For Dummies version of Canadian Real Estate Investing, 23 other books, and various contributions to real estate magazines in several countries.

And of course, Gray came by the knowledge he shares in this book through both education and experience. A business lawyer, he has worked closely with real estate experts of every kind. Homefinder in Sudbury, mortgage companies in Vancouver have all contributed to his extensive database.

In The Canadian Landlords Guide, all of this background comes together to form a comprehensive look at renting out your property on the Canadian scene. All the basics are covered here. Wondering which tenants will prove to be the most reliable, and least amount of work? There is a chapter covering tenant selection. Wondering which houses for sale in Windsor will prove to be the most attractive to people looking to rent? Check out the section detailing rental formats and finding prospective properties.

If you have read any of Gray's other books, including the Dummies version, then this book might prove to be repetitive. On the other hand, if you haven't invested the extra dollars in those formats, the information here will probably be all you need to get started well in the business of landlording.

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