When it comes to pets, there are so many options and choices for us to ponder over. A real estate agent may prefer to have a dog as their companion while a stay at home mom may prefer to have a cat beside her as she works around the house.

In many ways, pets are like books. They come in all sizes, shapes, and contain their own unique characteristics. You either love them or you don't. A Toronto loft owner may prefer to read exciting fiction after a hard day's work while a condo owner may prefer to keep company with a historical novel.

Some of us are absolutely delighted whenever a mystery book turns out to be what we expect; the mystery solved to our satisfaction but at other times we are extremely disappointed when we purchase a book that is supposed to tell us how to find a house for sale for our family but truth be told we finish reading the book but can't seem to find what we are looking for and still need to consult an agent.

There are good writers and then there are bad writers. There are good stories and then there are bad ones. There are excellent real estate real estate agents and then there are those who really do not come up to mark and of course! There are lots in between.

There are books where you find it really difficult to put them down and can't wait until the end is revealed. There are books where you simply decide to put them aside after reading for a few pages and then there are the ones that a dentist needs to have within reach because of their job.

It is always interesting to learn why one is attracted to a particular book. Maybe because of the topic? Maybe because of the cover? Or maybe because of the author? One may never know why. These days, one can read books almost anywhere and in so many different ways. A hard cover or paperback book still has their uses. Or maybe through your E reading device or through your IPad or IPod? This is what technology has brought to the reading of books. Some endorse this new way while others are still thinking about it. Books are what make our world go around. Long ones, short ones, fat ones, slim ones!

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