Atkins, South Beach, The Zone, Cabbage Diet; there are literally dozens of different diets out there. They are almost all designed to do one thing: help people lose weight quickly. Living hip and fit is all the rage these days; if you own Guelph real estate, you know this to be fact. While in some ways our society is the least healthy in history, in other ways it is the most nutritionally aware. All of the diets we mentioned were designed to benefit the individual, but what if we told you there was a diet which could benefit not just one person, but many, and the Earth as well?

That is exactly what The 100 Mile Diet is. Designed by authors Alisa Smith and J.B Mackinnon in their book of the same name, you might be tempted to label this diet as revolutionary. The fact is, though, it is based on a concept that is much older than Scrivener Square Toronto, or even Toronto itself. The 100 Mile Diet is one which is still followed in countries all over the world, it is just that in the developed world, we have gotten far away from it.

Quite simply, the 100 Mile Diet is a commitment to eat nothing but food which is grown within 100 miles of where you live. Like we said, it may sound pretty radical to someone living in modern Brampton homes, but not too long ago, maybe even less than a century, this was the norm even in that location.

You may be tempted to write the idea off immediately as totally impractical, but that is why the book about the diet is well worth the read. In fact, various sources claim that the book has changed the lifestyles of thousands of individuals and dozens of communities already.

How did it do that? Well, as the book states, imagine the benefits to any farms outside of Newmarket Real Estate if everyone in the city committed to the 100 Mile Diet principal. Smaller farms would be able to survive without have to sell out or kowtow to larger operations.

Following this rule would mean less pesticide use and less transportation for rare foods, which would greatly benefit the Earth in many different ways. As the authors point out in the book, whole living for the entire planet is part of the goal of this book.

You may live in downtown Toronto condos and think it is absolutely impractical to follow this diet. All around you, all you can see is pavement and concrete. Who grows anything anymore?

In fact, by reading the book you may realize this diet is much easier than you think.

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