There can be no doubt about it, general health and appearances are the number one concern for most human beings today. The evidence for this statement is everywhere. Businesses offering cellulite treatment, beauty parlours, and plastic surgeons are busier than ever. Any time a new diet comes along, it becomes big news as people try to lose weight faster and get fitter. Show like The Biggest Loser consistently pull in huge ratings as people become obsessed not only with their own weight, but with the weight of other people too.

The problem with all of this attention is that too many people try to take the easy way back into health. They still want to leave their real estate as little as possible in order to exercise. In fact, they still want to eat whatever they feel like, they just want to do so and still look great. The problem is that with all of these shortcuts, we may be doing more damage to our bodies than we realize. What we all really need is a way to get healthy and stay healthy on a permanent basis.

Unfortunately, everyone is different. I'm sure you have a friend who can drink four pops a day, eat chips, and retain a size four waist and a glow to the skin that makes her look like she uses organic baby skincare materials. You, on the other hand, exercise regularly and eat only vegetables, but still seem to gain weight. Why is this, and what can you do about it?

The answers to both questions can be found in the book Eat, Move, and Be Healthy, by Paul Chek. Chek is a physiotherapist and a holistic practitioner based out of California (that being the state which has traditionally continued to revolutionize our perception of health and the ways to get healthy). His book has been endorsed by many different doctors as well as patients who laud his attempts to offer each individual a solution to their own health questions.

The book is designed to give general principles to everyone. At the same time, aspects within the book allow the person concerned with living a healthier lifestyle to tailor a nutrition and exercise plan that will best suit their needs. There is information to be used by young and old, all body types, and people at various levels of fitness.

The method used by Chek in this books works because it is not a one-size-fits-all quick way to health. Instead, it allows readers to take a look at themselves and design the perfect health regime. You can apply the principles at your job in home health care Halifax or anywhere else.

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