As you know if you've ever tried it, real estate investments are never easy to make. There's so much to keep in mind. Should you go for a single property or a multi occupancy? Should you buy a new condo or an older property in the suburbs? Who should you lease to and for how long? What kind of returns can you expect? And while it will never exactly be easy, it can become EZ. How? Simply by reading "The EZ Guide to Real Estate Investment" by Terri Murphy.

What it's about:

"The EZ Guide to Real Estate Investment" is exactly what it sounds like: a categorical look at the ins and outs of real estate investments coupled with advice and instructions on how to make them work for you. It's designed to help you get through the tough spots, like how to get bankers to buy into your vision to transform vacant waterfront properties, how to evaluate a property to see if it's worth your time, how to work out whether you'll be able to afford the project, and how to protect yourself if things go south.

Who should read it:

Anyone who is considering making an investment in a real estate property or who is curious about how such investments work should read this book. It's especially geared toward beginners, so if you know someone who is looking into buying some campus housing to rent to students, this would be a great gift that would help them get started. Experienced real estate investors will probably find this book a bit beneath them, but it's worth giving it a read just for the helpful tips - which may help you secure higher returns on your next investment.

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"The EZ Guide to Real Estate Investments" is published in Canada by John Wiley and Sons. It is currently available in English only, as it has more to do with London, Ontario real estate than it does with real estate in French areas in Quebec and New Brunswick. The length is a modest 304 pages, which is long enough to be comprehensive but short enough to keep your interest. The book has not yet been released, but you can pre-order it from online suppliers like for just over 18$. The suggested retail price is around 30$.

About the author:

Terri Murphy's background is in business in Chicago rather than selling cottages as a small time Ontario realtor. She has since built a consultancy empire on the web, authored five books on business and real estate, and begun touring the country for speaking engagements. She is one of the top fifty most influential women in real estate.

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