Not everyone is talented enough to be recruited for a job working as a chartered accountant to a software analyst on the power of their expertise and education. Most people have to go through a rigorous process of application and interview to even be considered for a position. In our recessed economy, getting a job is more competitive and more challenging than ever. Luckily there's help for those who are having trouble. It's a book called Job Interviews for Dummies and it's written by Joyce Lain Kennedy. You can read more about it here.

What's it about?

Job Interviews for Dummies is one of a long line of how-to books in the Dummies series. Dummies books deal with everything from how to implement cost controls to how to plant a garden. Job Interviews for Dummies focuses on job interviews. It guides applicants through the preparation process, helps them deal with their fears of failure, gives them advice on how to ask smart questions, and offers tips on how to dress properly as well as the usual advice on how to conduct themselves during the interview.

Who should read it?

Job Interviews for Dummies is an important book to read if you're having trouble finding a job, particularly if you succeed in securing interviews but aren't seeing any job offers come out of them. It could also be useful for people who have been doing dentistry for so long that they've forgotten how to do job interviews or have fallen behind on the times. This is a good present for anyone who is just graduating and heading out into the workplace to find a job.

Where can I get it?

The Dummies series is a prominent one, so chances are good that you'll be able to find it at your local bookstore. If not, Chapters Indigo and Amazon both stock Job Interviews for Dummies, and if all else fails, you can buy a copy directly from the Dummies website. If you're a photographer with a penchant for deals, you can also buy one used. A new copy will cost you about $17 while a used copy can be as cheap as $3. Make sure you get the 3rd Edition, though, as it's the most recent and will be able to inform you of the latest interviewing trends.

Who is Joyce Lain Kennedy?

Joyce Lain Kennedy has over 40 years of experience writing about career development. Though she's probably never had to apply to be a receptionist position, her career columns are syndicated in over 100 newspapers and websites. She has written three books in the Dummies series on the topics of job interviewing, resume writing, and cover letter writing.

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