The Dummies series is known the world over as "reference books for the rest of us." One of the prime examples of the sorts of things they publish is The Internet for Dummies by John R. Levine. This article should help you learn more about the book, such as the topics it covers, where to find it, whether it might be an appropriate gift for your co-worker at Home Health Care Saint John, and a little bit more about the author.

What's the book about?

Simply put, The Internet for Dummies covers all facets of basic web use. Its chapters on using web browsers and email help open readers to the world, from online Christian counseling to YouTube. The book covers viruses and safe internet surfing, internet shopping and auctions, uploading and downloading photos and videos to share with friends, playing games online, and even using your internet connection as a telephone.

Who should read it?

Anyone not already familiar with the latest trends in internet usage would find this book interesting. It would be especially useful to anyone who is unfamiliar with computers and the internet, such as your elderly instructor at the Concord Driving School who doesn't own a computer or your grandmother who has been after you to teach her to use Flickr. It would not be an appropriate gift for young people or anyone who has been exposed to computer use at school or indeed anyone who already owns a computer.

Where can I get it?

You can get copies online through the Dummies website at, or at the major bookselling websites like and Keep in mind that the book is now in its 12th edition, and that buying an older one at a bargain price or borrowing the dog eared copy from the Canadian Resume Service will probably be useless since internet trends and usage change so fast. Copies cost around $15 and are available for download on e-book devices like the Amazon Kindle.

Who is John Levine?

Aside from being a normal person of the kind that might occasionally need to buy aquarium fish foods, John Levine is a writer, lecturer, consultant, and computer expert. He has written two books in the Dummies series as well as numerous independent titles. He graduated from Yale with a PhD in computer science and has been involved in numerous projects ranging from preventing internet abuse to software engineering.

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