Financial experts will all tell you that one of the keys to making the most of your money is to always go into new investments as informed as possible. Whether you're buying stocks or looking for a mortgage so that you can get a new home you need to know what you're getting into long before signing any agreements with the sellers or business office. When it comes to getting to know mortgages one of the leading books on the market is currently David Reed's Mortgage Confidential: What You Need To Know That Your Lender Won't Tell You. But does it really give you an insider view of what's going on behind the scenes when someone is buying a condo for sale or a home? Compliments of Adelaide Barks dog boarding kennels in London Ontario.

Before turning author, David Reed was a senior loan officer and processed the mortgage loans of more than one thousand people. He also wrote the books Mortgages 101 and Who Says You Can't Buy a Home! and is a respected columnist for Realty Times. If you're looking for a more knowledgeable source about getting a mortgage Ontario to Florida based you will not do much better than this individual. Mortgage Confidential is already in its sixth printing and has received quality reviews from people at the New York Times and Publishers Weekly.

This book goes all the way through the mortgage process and describes what lenders are really looking for before you are approved for a mortgage and gives some suggestions of mortgage options that you might not know about after meeting with your loans representative. It is meant to help you identify companies that are trying to take advantage of you and those that are really willing to help you find the best deal to go along with those homes for sale you're interested in purchasing.

But some people believe that there is a definite bias with this publication. It seems to paint loan officers all as people who are attempting to take more of your money than is needed and while it will give you some good tips you should be a little skeptical of how the author sensationalizes the industry. If you're interested in learning simply the differences between a fixed and variable mortgage Canada based than you may do better with a more straightforward book. Some people recommend instead investing in something like Mortgages for Dummies for this information.

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