Picture this: your thinking about buying a condo in a Canadian city. Perhaps a condominium or a trendy loft. You've got a vague idea of what to expect, but everyone else involved, from the builders to the real estate agents to the other buyers, seem to be much more savvy than you. What can you do? Well, you can either let them walk all over you and charge you more than you should be paying, or you can pick up a copy of Douglas Gray's new book, "101 Street Smart Condo Buying Tips for Canadians," and become an expert on the matter yourself.


What can you expect to find between the pages of "101 Street Smart Condo Buying Tips for Canadians?" As the title suggests: help with buying condo real estate in Toronto and other Canadian cities. It takes you through the process of deciding whether a condo is right for you, outlines some rule and regulations unique to condos, provides assistance in securing financing for the purchase of a condo, supplies tips on surviving the purchasing process, and tells you how to use your purchase as an investment.


Who should read this book? Anyone who is considering a condo purchase in Canada. The information is not region specific, so it's as useful to people looking at King West condos in Toronto as it is to people buying waterfront condos in Halifax. Being structured in a tip format also makes it more widely appealing. This isn't just a book for first timers. Condo owners looking to trade up, down, or sideways will find some useful info here as well that can help them come out on top in their next purchase.


"101 Street Smart Condo Buying Tips for Canadians" is published in Canada by John Wiley and Sons. Though the information in the book is primarily geared toward Canadians, import copies are available in the United States, just in case you wanted to buy it as a gift for someone who was looking at Toronto, Ontario condos for sale. The book comes in at 223 pages in length and retails for between $17 and $27 depending on the retailer, but $27 is the manufacturer's listed price. It is only available in English.


Douglas Gray is a real estate agent and lawyer from Vancouver, British Columbia who, in his twenty-five year long writing career, has written more than twenty books on real estate, investing, and running a small business. Some of his other titles include the best selling "Making Money in Real Estate" and "The Complete Canadian Small Business Guide." When he's not working on his latest book, you might find him anywhere in the country, perhaps teaching a seminar, speaking at a fund raiser, or doing consultancy work for a executive search firm.

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